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Sternotomyies / Bypass Surgery

The process of opening of sternum. It keeps the patient slightly uncomfortable for some time.NORMA Sternal Corset and NORMA Sternal Support Bra can help in making the patient feel more comfortable. Bypass Surgery often includes removal of a vein from the leg. This can lead to oedema due to hampered venous return.

Sternotomyies / Bypass Surgery

What is Sternotomy and what is Bypass Surgery?

  • Incision of the sternum is called sternotomy. It is needed for various surgeries especially on the heart e.g. bypass surgery, Valve repair and various other cardiac surgeries.
  • Bypass surgery or CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting) involves bypassing the blocked coronary arteries for providing adequate blood supply to the heart.
  • A sternotomy is done and then bypass grafting is performed by using the Great Saphenous Vein (a major vein of the leg), Radial Artery or Internal Mammary artery.

How safe is a C.A.B.G. ?

  • Although these are very safe procedures because of the advancements in the field of Cardiac Surgery and the care taken in performing them but they do lead to certain minor problems which can become unnecessary irritants for the patients.
  • One such problem is the oedema in the legs. The removal of the Great Saphenous Vein hampers the venous return which often results in oedema (swelling) around the ankles.
  • In certain cases the patient can have an unstable sternum. The patient also has a bit of coughing during the post-op period.
  • Female patients with large sagging breasts can experience a a little bit of discomfort in the incision because of the hanging weight of the breasts
  • Some patients may develop hypertrophies on the incisions.

How can NORMA products help?

  • The patients having an unstable sternum or discomfort due to coughing can be made more comfortable by using a Sternal Corset.
  • The female patients feeling uncomfortable due to the weight of the breasts can use Sternal Support Bra.
  • Hypertrophies can be taken care of with Compression Garments.

Can the patients use these products on their own?
No ! The patient must take the treating doctor's advice before using any of these products.



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