NORMA Veinoplus
NORMA VEINOPLUS is a 3rd generation electromedical product which activates the venous calf pump to improve the venous blood & lymphatic flow in the legs. It electrically stimulates calf muscles through carefully measured & calibrated impulses to the motor nerves, thus enhancing the venous return...

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"MEDIRENT" a division of NORMA, provides medical equpiment on "Rent". Services available for only Delhi / NCR.

Significantly reduces pain & swelling in chronic venous insufficiency
Q1. We have never heard or read about this therapy?
Ans NORMA has introduced NORMA Veinoplus almost a year back for the first time in India. NORMA Veinoplus is the world's 1st iECS, 3rd generation elctro medical device to achieve normal venous blood flow, invented in France by Jozef Cywinsky who was the member of pace maker invention team .

Q2. Does it treat CVI?
Ans NORMA Veinoplus is clinically proven to work on symptoms of Venous insufficiency like pain, swelling, tiredness & discoloration of skin. NORMA Veinoplus significantly reduces pain and swelling in CVI and improves the quality of life of patient in three weeks of daily use of Norma Veinoplus.

Q3. How is it an intelligent device?
Ans As per the scientific phenomenon nerve cells get a customized to a fix current frequency, because of which muscles may not contract after sometime. NVP intelligently keeps increasing the numbers of bursts after every 5 minutes and does not allow the nerves to get attuned.

Q4. How is it different from TENS?
Ans TENS is used  for pain relief by stimulating sensory nerves The size of the electrodes is very small. Whereas NORMA Veinoplus is dedicated to improve the venous return by activating the calf pump via specially designed and patented electrodes.

Q5. Is it safe to use NORMA VEINOPLUS ?
Ans. The electrical impulses of Norma Veinoplus are of low voltage & well below the limit of safety which causes powerful and almost symmetrical contraction on each leg. NORMA VEINOPLUS is CE certified thus it absolutely safe to use.

Q6. What is the life of battery & electrode?
Ans Battery & electrode last for 40 to 50 applications. And fresh pair of electrode can be obtained from the company.

Q7. What should I do in case, when i dont get sensation on one of the calf muscle ?
Ans. The calf muscles are not necessarily symmetrical.
Continue processing until the least receptive leg reaches the same sensation level of the other. If after 20 minutes of treatment the leg still does not respond, you can apply the two electrodes on it for 20 additional minutes of treatment.

Q8. Where is it available at?
Ans NORMA Veinoplus is a unique & an innovative product which requires proper patient education regarding usage and maintenance of product. So NORMA Veinoplus is not made available through the retail stores and hence directly delivered to the patients. NORMA products are always delivered directly to the patients by the company. Patients just need to call 011-2550 2550 (New Delhi)  and rest will be taken care by the dedicated team of service Executive of Norma.

Q9. Can I get this device on trial or demonstration?
Ans. Yes, the patient just need to call our patient helpline number 011-2550 2550(New Delhi) and the device can be made available for demonstration by Service Executive of NORMA free of cost. (Only in Delhi & NCR)

Q10. What is warranty of the product ?
Ans NORMA Veinoplus is guaranteed for 12 months against any manufacturing defect, except for the battery, glass breakage and normal wear and tear of electrodes, as well as any damage due to abusive handling or removing the plastic covers of NORMA VEINOPLUS by unauthorized third parties.

Q.11. What is the environmental conditions for use, storage and transport ?
Ans.  1. VEINOPLUS is not intended for use in sterile environments or in presence of functioning electro-surgery devices.
2. VEINOPLUS and its accessories should be stored/transported at temperatures between +5 and +25C and relative humidity (RH) between 35-50%
3.  VEINOPLUS devices must be disposed of in accordance with environnemental laws.

For any further query, you can send us email at or call our patient helpline number 011-2550 2550.

*Intelligent Electro Calf Stimulator
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