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The designs of NORMA Compression Garments have been standardised keeping the medical requirements, technical needs and practical limitations in view. Any change in these will either lead to reduced efficacy or practical problems. Consider the following while selecting the design.
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Please Read & Follow the few Guidelines before Filling the measurement form 
  • For taking the measurements please follow the instructions on the Form.
  • Check the form thoroughly before sending.
  • Clicking on "Clear All" will clear all the information in the form.

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(A) Top of Garment(cms.)
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(D) Middle of Thigh (cms.) :
(E) Just Above Knee (cms.) :
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Design  Options:                 Open Pubis               Panty Lt. Open              Panty RT. Open
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(B) Maximum Hip (cms.)
(F) At Knee (cms.) :
(G) Just Below Knee (cms.) :
(H) Maximum Calf (cms.) :
(I) Minimum Ankle (cms.) :
(3) C to F (cms.) :
(4) F to J (cms.) :
(5) J to L (cms.) :
(J) Cross on Heel (cms.) :
(K) Middle of Foot (cms.) :
(L) Base of Thumb (cms.) :
"Side" Information is Required Only for "112" & "113"
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  Closed Pubis
Shoulder Strap