It is a surgical procedure to suck out unwanted fat from the body. The results are dependent, to a great extent, on a regular usage of properly made Post Lipo-Suction Compression Garments.

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What is Lipo-Suction ?

  • Surgical removal of fat from the body is known as Lipo-Suction.

  • Small incisions are made in the marked area of the body through which small probes are inserted and the fat is sucked out.

Why is lipo-Suction performed ?

  • Many times it is performed as a cosmetic surgery because the subject simply wants to get rid of the excessive fat.

  • There are various medical conditions also which warrant this procedure.

How can NORMA Post Lipo-Suction Garments help ?

  • Body fluids rush in to fill the voids created due to the removal of the fat. For avoiding this usage of Post Lipo-Suction Compression Garments is extremely important.

  • The skin may sag due to sudden removal of the fat and thus a prolonged use of Compression Garments may help in improving the results.

Can the patients use these products on their own?

  • No ! The patient must take the treating doctor's advice before using any of these products.
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