Skin Grafting
It is a technique which is very often used by surgeons for effective healing of large wounds. It involves removing healthy skin from the donor site and grafting it at the affected site. Hypertrophies can appear at grafted site as well as donor site.

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What is Skin Grafting ?

Skin Grafting
  • This is a procedure which is often used for hastening the healing of area scars.

  • The procedure includes taking a skin graft from a healthy area (mostly thighs) and putting it at the affected area to accelerate the pace of recovery.

  • The former is called the donor site and the latter grafted site.

  • Not very long ago Skin Grafting was supposed to be the domain of Plastic Surgeons only. Within a very short span of time it has become commonplace and today most of the surgeons are doing Skin Grafting to take care of various types of injuries and wounds.

Can it cause any problems ?

  • Although the procedure takes very good care of the basic requirement but often leads to minor problems at both the grafted as well as the donor site.

  • The grafted area often becomes alright but doesn’t have a smooth texture.

  • The donor site often develops hypertrophic scar and not only does the area start looking awkward but also causes a lot of discomfort and itching.

  • The skin grafts are laid in place or anchored with sutures or skin staples and a regular use of NORMA Compression Garments on this area leads to smoothening of the suture line and better matching of the texture and colour of the grafted skin to the surrounding skin.

  • A regular use of NORMA Compression Garment can prevent or treat the hypertrophies on the donor site. It will reduce the discomfort immediately and will smoothen the skin over a period of time.

How can NORMA Compression Garments help ?

Can the patients use these products on their own?

  • No ! The patient must take the treating doctor's advice before using any of these products.

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