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We are a 24-years-old company involved in the manufacturing & marketing of premium quality Compression Stockings, Compression Garments, Compression Arm Sleeves & Abdominal Binders, L.S.Belts, Taylorís Braces, Silicone Gel Sheets etc. NORMAís specialization is the Custom-Made, Digitally Designed Compression Garments.
We are known as a company with scientific orientation and capacity to develop and market premium quality, innovative products. Our consistent commitment to quality received the recognition from B.I.D. International, as International Gold Star award for quality, at Geneva. Moreover, NORMA is the first company in its field to acclaim ISO 9001: 2008 Certification & above all the position of leadership in the market.

Due to the high quality and performance objectives NORMA could achieve international acclaim for its products and services. NORMA was awarded International GOLD STAR for Quality at Geneva in 2001 and then ISO 9001: 2008 for products and services in 2003.

NORMA is a highly Customer Focused organization. To achieve customer satisfaction Norma has set up a dedicated Customer Care department. As per the ISO standard NORMA Customer Care department contacts every patient at least 3 times after the delivery of the product to check the level of satisfaction.

NORMA products are delivered directly to patients by companyís area coordinators, eliminating any chance of substitution, overcharging or non-availability. To ensure the reach of NORMA quality to end consumer, the NORMA products are not made available at the usual chemist counters.
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NORMA FEATHER Diabetic Socks are specially developed and designed to offer tender protection for diabetic's feet.