Indication / Diseases
Following is a list of certain Indications or Diseases in whose treatment NORMA products play a vital role. The information about these diseases has been collected and compiled from different authentic sources and text books, however, in certain cases it has been simplified in such a way that lay persons can easily understand it.
Bypass Surgery / Sternotomies
The process of opening of sternum. It keeps the patient slightly uncomfortable for some time.NORMA Sternal Corset and NORMA Sternal Support Bra can help in making the patient feel more comfortable. Bypass Surgery often includes removal of a vein from the leg. This can lead to oedema due to hampered venous return. NORMA Compression Stockings help in improving the venous return and reduce the swelling and discomfort. Some patients, whose bodies have a tendence, develop keloids or thick scars on the sternum and legs. NORMA Silicone Gel Sheet is very useful for such cases.
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Deep Vein Thrombosis
The formation of a Thrombus (clot) in the "Deep Vein" of the leg is called Deep Vein Thrombosis. It obstructs the flow of blood from legs towards the heart. The problem not only causes a lot of pain and discomfort to the patient but can also be a major risk.
Product Used : NORMA Compression Stockings
It is a surgical procedure to suck out unwanted fat from the body. The results are dependent, to a great extent, on a regular usage of properly made Post Lipo-Suction Compression Garments.

Very generally speaking a Hernia is the protrusion of an interior organ through an abnormal opening in the walls of abdomen. It is one of the most common problem that brings a patient to a Surgeon.
Product Used : NORMA Abdominal Binders
Lymphoedema / Filarial Lymphoedema
Obstruction of the lymphatics resulting in swelling due to accumulation of interstitial fluid is known as Lymphoedema. It is a very troubling and disturbing condition and can lead to many complications. If the problem is in the Legs NORMA Compression Stockings form an important part of the treatment. For the Arms and Hands NORMA Compression Compression Arm Sleeves and Gloves are the products or choice.

Post Burn Hypertrophic Scarring
Compression Garments are very closely associated with this condition. It is an abnormal growth of the skin on the burnt area and it leads to a lot of itching and discomfort along with ugliness. Can also lead to contractions and keloids. Depending on the effected area any design of NORMA Compression Garments can be used. For better results NORMA Silicone Gel Sheets should be used beneath compression garments.

Post Mastectomy Lymphoedema
The removal of breast due to cancer often leads to marked oedema in the arm due to the involvement of lymph nodes. Left to itself it effect the overall health of the patient apart from spoiling the musculature and skin of the affected arm.

Post Cast Oedema
Orthopedic injuries of the leg very often lead to oedema after the plaster cast is removed. It should be treated with a regular usage of NORMA Compression Stockings because left untreated it can lead to various other complications.

Skin Grafting
It is a technique which is very often used by surgeons for effective healing of large wounds. It involves removing healthy skin from the donor site and grafting it at the affected site. Hypertrophies can appear at grafted site as well as donor site.
Product Used : NORMA Compression Garments & NORMA Silicone Gel Sheets

Varicose Veins
As the very name suggests it is a disorder of the veins especially of legs. It causes the legs to turn blue and swell. It leads to pain, discomfort and swelling in the legs. It is a very common condition and must be treated.
Product Used : NORMA Compression Stockings

Venous Ulcer
Non Healing Ulcers near the ankle can be very disturbing. Various conditions like Varicose Veins, D.V.T., Thrombophlebitis etc. can lead to this condition.

Foot Complications
75% persons suffer from foot pain. One of the most common causes of foot complications is diabetic foot. Diabetic foot is a clinical condition that results in loss of sensation due to nerve damage. This makes the foot prone to external & internal injuries. This can lead to foot amputation. Other foot complications are: corns, calluses, metatarsalgia, hammer toes, claw toes, bunions, bursitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, cracked heels etc.

Pressure Sores
Pressure sores Pressure sores are ulcers caused by constant pressure & shear forces in bed ridden & immobilized patients. Patientís own body weight puts continuous pressure on bony prominences(e.g. head, shoulders, coccyx, heels) & cuts off the blood & Oxygen supply to the skin tissue which leads to pressure sores. Moisture & Shear forces are other important factors which precipitate pressure sores formation. Pressure sores are extremely painful, very difficult to heal & ultimately may lead to death of the patient.

Product Used : NORMA PSP Pneumatic Ripple Beds

Pressure sores during surgery
Various Operative positions lead to excessive pressure on different points on the body. This can lead to nerve damage & capillary closure resulting into pressure sores. Bony prominences of the body are at highest risk. NORMA PSP Gel Positioners help in reducing the risk of nerve damage & pressure sores during surgery. Their consistency is very close to that of the human fatty tissue. Using them at the appropriate places to position the patient helps in reducing the pressure and shear forces at vulnerable points thus minimizing the risk of capillaries closure, necrosis, nerve damage & pressure sores. NORMA PSP Gel Positioners are tissue friendly and help in maintaining uniform temperature environment which keeps the patient comfortable.

Product Used : NORMA PSP Gel Positioners

As the very name suggests it is a disorder of the veins especially of legs. It causes the legs to turn blue and swell. It leads to pain, discomfort and swelling in the legs. It is a very common condition and must be treated.
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