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NORMA Product Range

NORMA makes a wide range of soft orthotics for different medical specialties ranging from Burns and Plastic Surgery to Gynaecology, and from Orthopaedics to Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. The end result is that you look at any of the NORMA products and it reflects just one thing : HIGH STANDARDS OF QUALITY.

NORMA Silicone Gel Sheets

An internationally acclaimed product for the effective prevention and treatment of Hypertrophic Scarring and Keloids. Suitable for Hypertrophic Scarring or Keloids due to Burns, Injuries, Surgeries or Ideopathic.

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NORMA Compression Stockings

India's only elasticated Pure Cotton Graduated Compression Stockings. The ideal solution for Varicose Veins, D.V.T. Post Cast Oedema, Post C.A.B.G.Oedema, Filarial Lymphoedema etc.

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NORMA Compression Garments

Custom-Made Pure Cotton Compression Garments for taking care of Post Burns Hypertrophic Scarring, Keloids, Graftings etc.Absolutely no possibility of irritation or allergies.

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NORMA Compression Arm Sleeves & Gloves

Post Mastectomy Lymphoedema (swelling in the arm following the breast removal surgery) is a very common and disturbing problem. NORMA Arm Sleeves and Compression Gloves are the ideal solution.

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NORMA Abdominal Binders

Whatever the shape or size of the abdomen, we can give you a well fitting and supporting abdominal binder. For Hernia, Post Delivery or Simple support select any of the FIVE designs and it will be Custom-Made as per the measurements.

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NORMA Post Lipo-Suction Garments

Results of Lipo-Suction are very much dependent on a regular use of a properly made Compression-Garment. Only NORMA gives you elasticated Pure Cotton, Custom-Made Post Lipo-Suction Support Garments.

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NORMA Scrotal Supports & Inguinal Hernia Belts

NORMA Scrotal Supports
are Made up of 100% pure cotton. Designed for medical application on scrotal area Available in for sizes S, M, L & XL

NORMA Inguinal Hernia Belt
are Designed to adjust pressure on inguinal region. It has two special trusses to manage reducible inguinal hernia. Option to use one or two side support, Velcro to adjust for different patient needs Narrow waist belt hides well beneath clothing for all day use.

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NORMA Lumbo Sacral Belts, Taylor's Braces, Knee Supports

Scientifically Designed, Aesthetically Planned and Ergonomically Crafted : This is how this product can be described. A design classic which has proved to be a boon for the patients of Low Back Ache.

The biggest problem with this brace is the patient's reluctance to use it. This problem has been taken care of in NORMA Taylor's Brace. Light Weight, Padded and Good Looking.

Most of the Knee Caps sold over the counter are actually Sports Knee Caps which are meant to be used by the sportspersons for short intervals. If you are looking for a Knee Support designed and fabricated for patients of Arthritis or Knee pain here it is.

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NORMA Sternal Corset & Support Bra

The hanging weight of the sagging breasts can make the post-operative period for all female patients undergoing a sternotomy very uncomfortable. This product has been specially developed to take care of this problem.

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NORMA Silicone Insoles

NORMA Silicones guard the diabetic foot against injuries, correct biomechanical problems of feet, Possess outstanding qualities to relieve foot and heel pain, save the foot from microscopic trauma a or fractures by absorbing shock.

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NORMA Pneumatic Ripple Beds

Pneumatic Ripple Beds are the most advanced devices to prevent & manage pressure sores world wide. Their effective results have replaced static air mattress, water beds & foam beds globally. Pneumatic Ripple Beds have two sets of air blown cell columns. These columns inflate & deflate at an alternate cycle of 5-10 min. with the help of a pneumatic pump. This helps in avoiding patient’s continuous contact with bed & prevents pressure sores.

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NORMA PSP Gel Positioners

NORMA PSP Gel Positioners help in reducing the risk of nerve damage & pressure sores during surgery. Their consistency is very close to that of the human fatty tissue. Using them at the appropriate places to position the patient helps in reducing the pressure and shear forces at vulnerable points thus minimizing the risk of capillaries closure, necrosis, nerve damage & pressure sores. NORMA PSP Gel Positioners are tissue friendly and help in maintaining uniform temperature environment which keeps the patient comfortable.

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NORMA Veinoplus

NORMA VEINOPLUS is a 3rd generation electromedical product which activates the venous calf pump to improve the venous blood & lymphatic flow in the legs. It electrically stimulates calf muscles through carefully measured & calibrated impulses to the motor nerves, thus enhancing the venous return. Its intended application is to cause such contractions in the calf muscles which are very similar to those caused by a natural brisk walk. This helps in draining the pooled blood & lymph from the leg & ankle region. NORMA VEINOPLUS improves venous return, prevents swelling and venous stasis, reduces leg pain & keeps ....

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NORMA Feather - Diabetic Socks

NORMA FEATHER Diabetic Socks are specially developed and designed to offer tender protection for diabetic's feet.

NORMA FEATHER Diabetic Socks are antimicrobial agent treated socks made up of Pure Egyptian Cotton.

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