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Importance of Graduated Compression

For proper treatment and control of Varicose Veins, D.V.T., Post- Cast Oedema or Lymphoedema a regular application of Graduated Compression on the legs is of utmost importance. The purpose of applying compression on the legs is to supplement the circulatory system for improving the venous return. Only Graduated Compression can help in improving the venous return.

Graduated Compression

Importance of Graduated Compression

The tricky word here is GRADUATED. Very simply speaking the compression should be maximum around the foot and ankle and should gradually reduce towards the heart (along the length or the height).

If you want a slightly more detailed explanation you may read the following example.

Imagine a flexible tube, half filled with a liquid, in a vertical position. If you want to push this liquid upwards through the tube without applying suction on the upper end the only alternative you have is to press the tube or apply compression. If you apply compression on any one portion you may be able to push the liquid a little bit upwards but not beyond a certain point. To move it further compression must be applied along the full length of the tube and the compression should be maximum at the lower end and should slowly reduce along the height of the tube. It is this type of compression which is known as Graduated Compression. Since the need in case of an individual facing the problem of poor venous return is very much similar to the above mentioned example, therefore, only Graduated Compression can be of help.


For ensuring True Graduated Compression, NORMA Compression Stockings are made with the help of a number of measurements. Based on the measurements the stockings are designed with the help of a Computer Programme and then fabricated on our ultramodern plant at New Delhi. The computerised designing and proper fabrication ensures a positive gradient of compression and an uninterrupted upwards flow of the accumulated fluids.

Beaware of reverse Gradiant !

Reverse Gradient is the term used for the condition where the compression on any region is more than the compression on a lower region i.e. opposite of what is needed. The result is that instead of improving, the venous return worsens and blood pooling starts taking place in the leg. Using ready-made stockings can often lead to this unwanted condition.


Speciality of the Material

The basic fabric for NORMA Compression Garments has been specially developed for the hot and humid Indian weather conditions. It is Elasticated Pure Cotton. Pure Cotton ensures that there is absolutely no possibility of allergies and the garments are absolutely cool and comfortable.

The elastic stretch is provided by a specially developed medical grade fiber called Elasteen. It is finer than the human hair and is woven in the fabric in a honeycomb structure. Its elastic memory is many times more than the natural elastic and it is absolutely unaffected by oil and offer a much better and uniform compression.


Elasteen is woven in the fabric in a Honeycomb Structure and this gives a magical quality to the fabric. It is called L.B.Stretch. It means that the fabric can stretch in all the directions i.e. when the patient stretches a limb, the garment also stretches with the skin. Hence there is no relative movement between the garment and the skin and no discomfort due to friction.

The magical combination of Elasticated Pure Cotton and L.B.Stretch makes NORMA Compression Garments a fantasy come true. Absolutely cool and comfortable. And yes, very very effective.

L B Stretch



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